Sign Writing BrushesMaking an attention-grabbing signage entails having the right tools and gadgets. Regardless of the influences of the modern technology, some traditions are meant to stay because they remained to be relevant just like the use of acrylic and synthetic enamel paints in sign writing. Can there be paints without their counterparts, the paint brushes? Indeed, today’s technology has brought to the surface so many kinds of sign writing brushes based on the medium it is to be used for, shape and hair type. This means that greater efficiency can be more easily accomplished.

Viscosities and how fast it dries are examples of the dissimilar qualities of the medium in coloring and sign writers who are experts in such media are aware of this. There are distinct types of brushes that work better with specific media. The brushes for acrylics, watercolor, alkyds, synthetic enamel and oil paints differ from each other. Aside from these, there are other painting media such as glass painting, airbrushing, encaustic painting, egg tempera, computer art, gourd art, and mixed media.

If the paint is retained longer then it is much better; the ability of the brush to hold the paint and water will depend on the hair type of the brush. The use of animal hair has always been favored like the hairs from badger, hog, camel, kolinsky sabeline, mongoose, ox hair, pony, red sable, sable, and squirrel. Each type of sign writing brushes has its own special character that makes them suitable for a particular use or medium. Lately, innovations have enhanced the quality of artificial or synthetic hair making it used more widely though the quality is still lower than the natural hair.

Brushes can come in many different shapes and that is how writers apply paint smoothly over any kind of surface. The right strokes cannot be done if the brushes are badly shaped and this can be very annoying. These are the sign writers’ writing and coloring tool just like a writer has a pen to write words.

The best sign writing brushes, however, are said to be: long haired, have square tips and can be made of synthetic or natural hairs. These must possess good color holding abilities and can be used in writing the letters and in applying the colors and artwork in the sign boards. With the right brushes, painting is easy.